Go Off Grid! - Mission Engineering's 529i Power Supply

If anyone knows a thing or two about "dirty" electricity...it's me! My neighborhood's electrical grid is a mess and I'm constantly hearing electrical noise and interference in my guitar rig. Needless to say, I'm ALWAYS looking out for things to mitigate noise in my home studio.

One big thing I've gotten into is rechargeable power supplies. They are pretty great but have some short comings. Thankfully, Mission Engineering is doing everything they can to make this kind of gear the BEST it can possibly be.

Mission Engineering is possibly one of the most forward-thinking companies in the gear world. From their expression, wah and volume pedals to their speaker cabs and accessories they are a modern guitarist's best friend. And, I might be wrong, but I'm certain their 529 USB power convertor STARTED the rechargeable pedalboard power supply idea!

The Mission 529 was a game changer for me when I got one several years ago. It immediately found its place in my home studio providing clean and consistent power for my pedals when I would shoot demos. As a proof-of-concept, the 529 was a great "first step". I always wondered what the "next step" in the evolution would be. And thanks to my friend at Sweetwater, we get to find out...

Whereas the 529 power supply required a USB power pack in order to power your pedals, the 529i has it's own built-in rechargeable battery! Having everything self contained makes for a very clean and streamlined package. And what's great is that even with a built-in battery the 529i weighs less than most every other power supply on the market. All the cables you'll need for connecting your pedals are included...even a nifty voltage doubler cable for those 18 volt juggernauts!

Capable of powering up to EIGHT PEDALS for over THREE HOURS the 529i is an absolute winner. It has more than enough juice to power your most power-hungry effects pedals. Every pedal plugged into it sounds precisely as it should without power dips, shorts, or excess noise. Even pushed to its limit, the 529i holds up. And the wonderful thing? The 529i only costs $175 USD! And that's the kind of gear I like: stuff that performs well and doesn't cost a premium. I'm very excited that such a great power supply is so affordable! For less than the price of a good pedal you get excellent power for your pedals.

So are there any problems? Well, for an effects pedals obsessed guitarist such as myself I would need a second 529i to power everything I'd want on my pedalboard. Oh well...no big deal!

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