"Manotheistic" is the latest single from my band Cockeyed Optimist. It's a song about the ego and hubris present in so much of society today.

This song is the based around the first riff I ever wrote on a seven string guitar.

This is the first single and title track from the first full-length Cockeyed Optimist album. Each song will be released as a single digitally before we compile them all with a physical album release.

"All That You Were" is the second Cockeyed Optimist EP. All songs were recorded, produced and mixed at my home studio in Orange County, CA.

All songs were written during the touring and promotion period for "Undocumented". It was released in August 2013.

This is the debut EP from my band Cockeyed Optimist. Of the six songs on the EP, four of them were the first songs Cynda Renae and I wrote together. It was recorded at 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, CA and I mixed the record at my home studio in Orange County, CA.

The record was Mastered by Ted Greenberg, a man whose teachings I owe the vast majority of my audio engineering knowledge to.