The Tiniest Muff of All : the Sonicake Fazy Cream

The Sonicake Fazy Cream

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If you've watched my videos for any length of time this statement should come as no surprise:


And I love ANY variation/version of the circuit; NYC, Ram's Head, OpAmp, Germanium...oh boy. GIVE ME ALL THE MUFFED UP FUZZ YOU'VE GOT. As such, I'm ready and willing to try ANY pedal that clones, improves upon, or bastardizes the circuit and the sounds it has produced. I'm also cool with looking at the mini versions of the pedal.

This isn't the first Sonicake pedal we've looked at on my channel. My demos of the 5th Dimension and RockStage have proven to be very popular videos and I really loved the Rude Mouse distortion! But this demo has a bit of a different angle...

Shortly after I released my Rude Mouse demo, Sonicake reached out and offered me the opportunity to join their Affiliate Program! This sounded like a great idea since 1) I already liked their pedals and 2) you all could help support the channel by simply purchasing Sonicake pedals. But Sonicake makes quite a lot of pedals, a lot that I haven't tried before. And I'm not going to recommend anything that I haven't tried first. So I sent the crew at Sonicake a list of "most attractive" pedals and as a result we have four new demos of Sonicake pedals. With that out of the way, let's talk about the Fazy Cream.

I can't tell what flavor of Big Muff the Fazy Cream is replicating. I hear elements of many versions. It has a crunch like the OpAmp/IC Big Muff. It has a smoothness like a Ram's Head. It can get wooly and dark like a Green Russian. So if I HAD to put a description on it, I'd say the Fazy Cream gathers the defining characteristics of the Big Muff and puts it into a tiny package that ANY guitarist will love! And the price is hard to beat: you can get one of these for $29.99!!! Wow.

It has all the normal controls: three knobs labelled Level, Tone, & Fuzz. On other Big Muff-style pedals, the Fuzz control is usually labelled "Sustain". But that's about all the changes you'll see here. Everything about this pedal is Muff! Wanna do the Siamese Dream thing? You can do it with the Fazy Cream. Looking to do a little David Gilmour thing? The Fazy Cream will do it. But it'll even do some other thing you may not expect a Muff-style fuzz to do!

Two of my favorite tones are these kinds of sounds; the first is used sort of like a Fuzz Face in front of a crunchy guitar amp and the second actually has the Fuzz controlled turn (almost) all the way down.

I can't believe how much you can do with a this $30 fuzz pedal! Please watch the video above. Man, this was fun!

You can get one here:

I'm not ashamed to say that I love this pedal! I'm in the mode of trying to find mini versions of my favorite pedals and I would happily use the Fazy Cream as my Big Muff sound. I love how small it is and how many classic Big Muff sounds I can get from it. It's very simple and isn't trying to be something it's not. And for $ could you beat this?!? I heartily recommend the Fazy Cream and hope you'll check one out for yourself!

And remember, now you can buy a Sonicake pedal and support the content I make! Here's a link to my Sonicake affiliate page and a portion of the sale will be given to me:

Wishing you great tone & Happy Stomping! - SPJ